Featured Brewing Kits

Brewing is the process by which beer is produced by steeping a starch source in water and then fermenting the same with yeast. This process has been practiced since years by elders. Brewing can be done at home as well as in commercial places. For brewing kits which constitute of certain items are available in the market or can be home made. Certain things need to be kept in mind before buying a kit for brewing like the budget, space, type of brewing and expansion at a later stage.

A standard kit used for brewing includes hydrometer, bottle capper, airlock and blow off tube, thermometer, a spoon that has a long handle, bottles, caps and a strainer. It is said that brewing own beer is better than getting from the market because it is quite economical as around 5 gallons of beer brewed at home can be can be far more cheaper than the market beer. Secondly the hangover is lesser as compared to commercial beers because the home brewed beer tends to have more Vitamin B (which reduces the effects of hangover) which is less in case of commercial beers due to various activities like filtration and pasteurization. Apart from this the beer is of good quality and does not have cheap preservatives. A number of different styles of beer can be brewed at home which cannot be purchased from the market by regular drinkers easily or at a time.

The home brewing kits include various techniques like Imperial Stout 1724, Continental Pilsner 1718, Old English Bitter 1720 and India Pale Ale 1728. The first thing to do while brewing is to clean and sterilize the equipments wherein iodine based sanitizer or ammonia based solutions can be used. Then the raw beer and yeast need to be mixed and then fermented before bottling.

Mac’s brewing kits are also known as all malt brewing starter kit which does not have sugar in it. The main characteristic of this kit is that it uses no addictives which includes sugar. For this reason beer made from Mac’s kit is tasty. The prices of these kits are also reasonable and one needs to just buy it and brew. On the other hand the Hard Cider brewing kits are user friendly and reusable. This beer prepared from cider is fermented apple juice and has a gallant flavor which is easy to drink.

Unlike home brewing kits, the professional home brewing kits are much better and have an access to commercial tasting beer. They have an all in one kit with which beer can be prepared within 7 to 10 days.